Key features of VL’s cloud-based, single-portal platform and applications are:

  • Original & disruptive visual interface functions that provide more than an order of magnitude greater efficiency​;

  • A vastly simplified pricing model where users pay only for services used;

  • Imbedded event-driven functions that significantly enhance efficiency and convenience;

  • Constantly evolving application of learner and predictive systems, intelligent analysis, and other decision-leveraging tools in our 2.0 and later releases.

Secure Documents & Contracts. 

Next-generation blockchain-based secure document and contract processing.

Payment Processing

Single-point payment processing. VisuaLaw is intended to function as the recognized standard payment platform for both conventional currencies and next-generation crypto payment processing for the legal profession.


Enhancement Functions


There are three categories

of functions of VisuaLaw:


  • Disruptive original functions​ more

  • Adapted functions

  • Interfaces to existing software  & services

The Three Basic

& Essential Solutions

The Power of Control: 

Transforming Information into Knowledge

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